WMC Education

Winter Management Conference 2018

"What most struck me at Winter Management Conference was the scale and activity of the global tree care industry. We work so hard to innovate and improve our own company but I have great appreciation for the work TCIA is doing to further education, safety and professionalism for the industry as a whole." - Katie Blizzard Kiedrowski, Four Seasons Tree Care

Join your colleagues and friends at WMC 2018 to network, gain vital skills and prepare for the year ahead with these educational sessions, discussions and lectures delivered by industry veterans.

WMC offers educational sessions tailored to business leaders and led by experts. Our roster this year is comprised of the best in the tree care industry and beyond.

Join us to fine-tune your business leadership skills and set your company up for success in the new year.

Monday, February 5

Blink and They’re Gone!

9:45 – 11:00 AM | with Dave Avrin

More than ever, today’s consumers are inundated with good choices. Outdated notions of loyalty and service are ignoring the profound market shift that is driving consumers to your competitors. So, how do you win their business back? Understand why differentiation trumps competency, the monumental shift in buyer behavior and expectation, and show your team everyone’s role in eliminating barriers, engaging prospects and creating customer experiences worth sharing.

A WMC 2016 fan favorite, former CEO group-leader and business marketing firm owner David Avrin shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to ferret-out, recognize, craft and promote compelling competitive advantages. David's business insights have been featured on broadcast and in publications around the world. He is also the author of three books including the acclaimed, It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You!, and his new book, Visibility Marketing — The No-Holds-Barred Truth About What It Takes to Grab Attention, Build Your Brand and Win New Business.

Improving Decision Making About Exposure and Risk

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM | with Jim Spigener

Every on-the-job decision is the result of several contributing factors, and employees are faced with thousands of decisions, daily. Some of them can have serious, even life-altering, consequences. Examine an approach to strengthen individual and team decision making around exposure and risk control. Learn to identify and manage changes in exposure, what system and personal factors inhibit safe decision making and how to create active safety communication in the line of work, with the ultimate goal of eliminating incidents. 

Jim Spigener is a senior vice president for DEKRA Insight, a consulting firm specializing in comprehensive safety solutions, where he has helped hundreds of companies implement successful change initiatives in safety, quality and leadership development. His experience on both the shop floor and in the management office gives him a unique perspective on organizational dynamics. Jim has presented at hundreds of national and international conferences and has published several articles on performance improvement.

Modern Tree Climbing & Administrative Decision-making

12:30 – 3:00 PM | with Ken Palmer, ArborMaster®, Inc.; and Cody Clark, Climbing Hi

A climbing demo at a management conference? Why not? Modern tree climbing techniques and technologies present complex safety, skill and productivity concerns for decision-makers. Connect modern tree climbing and related employee development initiatives directly to business goals and objectives, compare moving versus stationary rope systems, and discuss work-positioning best practices with both hand saws and chain saws, emphasizing safety and productivity!  Modern tree climbing can be much safer and more efficient with informed decision-making and application.

Ken, co-founder of ArborMaster, has focused on helping businesses and individuals to achieve results they desire and to manage risk. His passion for industry safety, skill development and productivity drives a strong belief that mastering basic foundational skills first is the safest, most effective, and best long-term training investment a company or individual came make.

Cody's passion is to help educate the public about the value of trees and connect people to the beauty they provide. Not only does Climbing Hi focus on tree care of the urban forest, it also teaches people to climb trees for fun. Maui’s idyllic setting offers the perfect opportunity to spread the art and passion of recreational tree climbing.

Tuesday, February 6

Every Sales YES Begins With a KNOW

8:30 – 10:00 AM | with Sam Richter

You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression. It's no longer enough to be interesting; in today's world you need to be interested. Discover ways to maximize the web and social media to uncover opportunities, find leads, gather intelligence, build meaningful connections and deeper relationships, differentiating yourself from the competition and win more business.

Best-selling author Sam Richter delivers his #1 rated, incredibly dynamic, highly entertaining, and extremely high-content sales and digital reputation programs to audiences worldwide. He was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders and he’s been featured in thousands of books, articles and interviews.

Back to Basics Focusing on Safety Leadership Fundamentals

10:15 – 11:30 AM | with Jeff “Odie” Espenship

Odie discusses how leaders influence behaviors, and challenges them to answer the question, "What's going to be your legacy?" He examines how ability, attitude and culture drive behaviors, and why smart, well trained, highly skilled people (like fighter pilots) do dumb things. Odie challenges all to shift to a ZERO accident culture by examining their organization’s current culture.
1.25 CTSP CEU | 1.25 ISA CEU 

Jeff “Odie” Espenship, is an accomplished former United States Air Force fighter pilot. After years of dedicated service, Odie fulfilled another lifelong dream, becoming a commercial airline pilot. Odie also flew a 1943 T-6 “Texan” on the airshow circuit, during which a tragic accident took the life of his brother and the pilot. This event ignited the spark that helped create his now well-recognized brand for Culture-Leadership-Safety training.


Wednesday, February 7

Process: A Recipe for Success!

8:45 – 10:00 AM | with James Cali and Jason New

Learn why leading with process will help take the inconsistency out of your workplace, propel your team forward and help you grow your business. Explore a framework for team success that you can implement the first day you get home!

Jim brings over twenty-five years of executive leadership experience within the services industry and as a former COO of a landscape firm. Today, he works alongside business owners and assists hands-on as they grow their team. Jim drives accountability and urgency, ensuring consistency throughout the organization – resulting in loyal, profitable and cohesive teams.

With over fifteen years of leadership in the green industry, Jason is known for building high performing teams as he dives into process, identifying areas that require change and reinforcement. He works to create ownership thinking within teams to complement leadership, drive transformation and achieve results – to ultimately create a winning culture.

Step Up to Safety – Brian’s Story

10:15 – 11:30 AM | with Jeff Bell

Motivations are more powerful when they are anchored in the depths of the human heart. Learn from the true story of an accident that took the life of Jeff’s son, Brian. Brian was a college student with less than a week left on his junior-senior summer job when he was killed in a preventable accident. Through comparisons between the workplace and a war zone, you will learn the value of getting involved in your company's safety efforts and the need to be willing to intervene with your co-workers to make a difference in safety.
1.25 CTSP CEU | 1.25 ISA CEU

Jeff draws on his 43 years of experience in the paper industry when delivering his powerful and moving presentations. He has spoken to rave reviews at conferences, for large companies and many other industrial sites. Jeff has 20 years of practical experience in Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) and has implemented and facilitated successful BBS processes.


Thursday, February 8

Accredited Member Breakfast Forum

7:30 – 8:30 AM | with Bob Rouse, TCIA and the TCIA Accreditation Council

Join other TCIA Accredited members in an open forum led by representatives from the Accreditation Council.  Discuss the latest developments in the program, provide your input and learn how your colleagues have benefited from the accreditation process.  The forum is open to all owners and personnel from accredited companies as well as any TCIA members who would like to learn more about accreditation. 

Brand Messaging is Fertilizer for Growing Your Profits

8:45 – 10:00 AM | with Bruce Turkel

Learn the seven simple steps to building, maintaining and communicating a great brand. Entertaining anecdotes and real-world examples illustrate the finer points of brand building. Add significant value to your products by making your products or services more valuable to your customers. Leave with proven, actionable steps to build brand value and improve your business.

Whether creating brands, books or explaining brand strategy on national TV, Bruce’s energetic creativity makes brands more valuable. He has created campaigns for AMEX, Miami, Discovery, Hasbro, Bacardi and more. Bruce is on Fox, CNN, and CCTV. He’s been featured in Fast Company, The New York Times, and Forbes and has written five books.

The Champion’s Code

10:15 – 11:30 AM | with Ross Bernstein

What do professional athletes and coaches have in common with peak performers in business? Being on champion teams. Champions have very unique DNA – what are the differentiators that champions possess which would ultimately lead customers to choose to do business with them? Learn how to create a culture of excellence, generate momentum, follow your moral compass, be a better leader and evolve into a trusted partner for your customers.

The best-selling author of nearly 50 sports books, Ross Bernstein is an award-winning peak performance hall of fame business speaker who has keynoted conferences on five continents and has been featured on CNN, ESPN, Fox News and “CBS This Morning,” as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today.