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  • PHC Workshop coming to Lisle, IL, May 31 

    4/30/2018 - Join us for a full-day workshop at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL, on May 31 – led by world famous Dr. Mike Raupp and TCIA’s Tchukki Andersen – that combines all aspects of Plant Health Care (PHC) for both technicians and managers, as well as live
  • Arbor Care Software to Help You Manage Your Business 

    4/30/2018 - Growing a business and establishing a larger customer base is what every company owner aspires to. The paperwork of it all can become overwhelming with time, and it can get more difficult to manage your day-to-day activities.
  • ASTI Grant Recipients 

    4/30/2018 - The Arborist Safety Training Institute (ASTI) recently awarded  nearly $45,000 in grants to 26 tree care organizations, who will use these funds to  host safety training workshops throughout the country next year.
  • New in 2018 – Chain Saw Expert Trainer workshop 

    4/30/2018 - TCIA has partnered with North American Training Solutions (NATS) and Arboriculture Canada Training & Education to develop a new workshop for CTSPs whose desired path for professional development focuses on training expertise: specifically, training o
  • The 2018 Robert Felix Memorial Golf Tournament 

    4/11/2018 - TCIAF’s Robert Felix Memorial Golf Tournament at Winter Management Conference honors the vision of industry leaders Bob and Pat Felix for the next generation of arborists by raising funds for students in the industry.
  • TCIA supports OSHA Safe + Sound Campaign 

    3/29/2018 - TCIA’s mission is to advance tree care businesses, and one of the many ways we support advancement is to develop safety programs to help member companies train employees in safe work practices.
  • ASTI grant application deadline August 15th 

    3/14/2018 - The Arborist Safety Training Institute (ASTI) is a program launched by the Tree Care Industry Association Foundation (TCIAF) in 2013 in an effort to bring affordable safety training and educational opportunities to tree care companies across the coun
  • TCIA welcomes a new affinity partner in 2018 

    2/12/2018 - The benefits of TCIA membership are numerous, and one such way to increase the value of your membership is by purchasing through our Affinity Partner program, bringing you cost savings and special services on many important, everyday needs.
  • Supporting your Brand and Your Business 

    11/20/2017 - Bruce will present on this topic, “Brand Messaging is Fertilizer for Growing Your Profits,” a session at TCIA’s Winter Management Conference 2018 in Maui, Hawaii, this coming February 4-8.
  • Win big at TCI EXPO 2017! 

    10/25/2017 - TCI EXPO is already exciting, with all of the education, equipment and engaging conversations, but theTree Care Industry Association (TCIA) has sweetened the pot!
  • ASTI Grant Recipients 

    10/19/2017 - The Arborist Safety Training Institute (ASTI), recently awarded nearly $45,000 in grants to 27 organizations, who will use these funds to host safety training workshops throughout the country.
  • TCIA Opens Search for New President 

    9/8/2017 - The Board of Directors of the Tree Care Industry Association has begun work to find a successor for President Mark Garvin, who plans to retire in early 2018.
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