Wage and Benefit Survey results now available

Thanks to all the TCIA members who completed this year’s Wage and Benefit Survey, and congratulations to the two randomly chosen winners who are now the proud owners of iPad Minis … just for completing the survey!

Joslyn Pollock of Arbor Services of Connecticut, Inc., a TCIA member since 1994, was randomly chosen from 427 survey submissions. She’ll now be reviewing the results of this year’s survey on her brand-new iPad Mini. Congratulations!

Members who completed the Wage and Benefit Survey will be emailed the results. Members who did not complete the survey will need to pay a $99 fee to access the results. This fee was not designed to raise funds, but to increase participation in this important survey. Higher participation results in more detailed and accurate results – and with a record number of responses this year (nearly double from last year) the results promise to be an indispensable tool for companies in 2016.

The Wage and Benefit Survey compiles information on tree care company wages, benefits and sales. These statistics provide a complete picture against which you can evaluate your company’s wage and benefit offerings, which could benefit your company in employee recruitment and retention.

Contact TCIA at 1-800-733-2622 for more information on accessing the results.