TCIA is looking for members to serve on the Board of Directors


"... it falls to the Board to establish a vision for the organization and to ensure that TCIA has the resources it needs to meet our goals and maintain operations well into the future."

-Mundy Wilson Piper, Immediate Past Board Chair

TCIA is currently seeking applicants for the position of At-Large Director on its Board of Directors for the term running 2022-2025. Members of the TCIA Board of directors are responsible and directly involved with charting the associations future.

TCIA’s membership includes a wide range of tree care businesses, and the Board of Directors should reflect that diversity. Successful candidates will be in alignment with the Board’s core values and may represent:

  • a residential/commercial business from a major metropolitan area;
  • a minority or women-owned business;
  • a business with gross revenue between $1 million and $5 million;
  • a company from the Midwest, and/or
  • be a business owner or senior executive who is a member of Generation X or a Millennial.

Candidates are not required to meet all or any of these requirements in order to apply. The TCIA Nominations Committee, however, will be considering these criteria when nominating candidates.

In order to bring further transparency to the process, TCIA will be publishing the names of all applicants for director positions on its website and in the Reporter newsletter. This publication will include the applicant’s name, job title and company for which the applicant works along with a brief statement from the applicant. TCIA members may submit feedback about individual candidates to the Nominations Committee via email to

If you are interested in serving on the 2022-2025 Board of Directors, please visit and review the position’s Role & Responsibilities, TCIA’s Vision & Focus, and our Conflict of Interest Policy before completing the online application form.

If you are interested in recommending an applicant, please email with their full name, contact information, and a brief statement about why they would be a good fit.