A300 Part 2 Soil Management Public Review Period Open

The public review period for the A300 Part 2 Soil Management standard revision is open until September 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST.

This standard, last updated in 2011, is designed to provide performance standards for the soil management of trees, shrubs, palms and other woody plants and to guide the development of written specifications, best practices, training materials, regulations and other performance measures.

All comments must be submitted using the new online form. To submit a comment:

  1. Download the A300 Part 2 Soil Management revision draft on the A300 Standards and Current Projects page.
  2. See the instructions at the bottom of the current projects page on how to make comments. The instructions include a notice that the commenter needs to be logged into the TCIA website in order to make comments.
  3. Click the button to login (or register as a new user), get to the web form and make comments.