Previously Recorded Webinars

Business Solutions - TCIA's Solutions to Grow your Business

Suzanne Guzman, Director of Business Solutions; Tree Care Industry Association

Presenter Bio: Suzanne has a Master's Degree in Education, has 15+ Year of Experience in Project Management and Leadership. She is a Navy veteran, has worked within many different fields, has worked internationally, and commits to excellence and quality. She is a driver of change and is always looking for opportunities for growth which is what she is able to do in her current role with Tree Care Industry Association.

In this presentation, Suzanne Guzman, Director of Business Solutions at TCIA will go over each and every one of the programs that TCIA currently offers to help you grow your business.

Business Solutions - Best Practices for Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retaining Employees

Presented by Bill Owen, CTSP, QCL, BrightView Tree Care Services

Bill Owen, Director of Safety for Monarch Tree Care Services, presents the Best Practices on Recruiting, onboarding, and retention. In this webinar he discusses his background and expertise, shares his experiences and discuss the practices and resources needed to be successful in the areas.

  • Best Practices
  • Resources/Tools
  • Retention
  • Examples

Benchmarking: TCIA's Wage & Benefits Survey- Finding the value in how you stack up against your peers in other Tree Care Companies.

Presented by Linda Xavier- Dynamic Benchmarking

Exploring TCIA's Wage & Benefits Survey - the one survey unlike anything else in the industry, that can give you the best insight into the climate of the Tree Care Companies around the United States. Linda Xavier will discuss how to navigate the survey, measures to ensure anonymity, and the value that this Wage and Benefits Survey can bring to your company.

Becoming Recession Strong: Strategies to Increase Active Sales

Presented Ron Gumz -President of Wachtel Tree Service and a TCIA Business Network Mentor

Have you seen a reduced request load from clients this year compared to the past two years when sales were more easily driven by homeowners staying close to home? Have you become concerned about your backlog of work heading into winter? In this presentation, you will gain strategies to improve your sales pipeline and help avoid running short of work. You will see how a few simple steps in the selling process can help to drive additional sales and make a good year into an even better year.


  1. Marketing
  2. Property Tours
  3. Client connections
  4. Following up on proposals
  5. Setting up future sales

The 5 Part Plan for Working Safely with Trees

Chris Bruner / Kingsborough-Atlas Tree Surgery, Inc.

PowerPoint slides, open discussion, and examples of arboriculture operations executed using the 5-Part Plan.

  1. Target (work to be performed)
  2. Hazards & Obstacles
  3. Lean (front, back and side), tree species, wood type, and condition
  4. Work Plan (including tools and approved methods)
  5. Escape/Retrieval Route and Emergency Response Plan

Staying in Compliance in 2021 and What to Expect into 2022

Sue Boardman and Jonathan Boehmer, Puzzle HR

Depending on the most recent updates at the time of this webinar in September, the presenters will cover how employers can stay in compliance for the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

Power Point PDF

Your online marketing plan - How to maximize your lead flow

Wesley Smith / Tree Service Digital - TCIA Corporate Member

3 Fundamentals of marketing success:

  • How to optimize your website conversion in 2021 and beyond
  • The Big picture of all the online marketing channels you should be tapping into to maximize your lead flow online.
  • The latest trends you need to focus on this year.
  • Develop a custom action plan based on where you are at now and what you need to do now.

Tree Work Safety - Don't Forget Your Feet!

Tracy Cline & Josef Teibl / Haix - TCIA Corporate Member

This webinar would be geared to anyone that works with chainsaws and the importance of cut protective footwear.

What to look for in protecting your feet and what protection you need for the job.

Business Foundation Basics

Paul Tigner / Fair Share Advisors - TCIA Corporate Member

The presentation will cover the Why, Who and What of your business including:

  • Keeping business and personal accounts separate
  • Budgeting
  • The differences between independent contractors and employees
  • Using a company vehicle for personal use and vice versa
  • Recordkeeping
  • Entity Type Analysis-Understand the different business structures and help determine which type of entity is right for you
  • Accounting System Setup-Basic but important tax and accounting concepts as well as basic
  • use of QuickBooks Online

Crew Leader Strategies Webinars

To view the full list of this webinar series, click on the three line icon on the top right of this Youtube video below.

Crew Leader Strategy Webinars are geared towards those who are already, or are looking to become, a Qualified Crew Leader, or a Certified Treecare Safety Professional. These webinars will teach the essential skills needed to excell and thrive in these roles.

TCIA Covid-19 Webinar Series

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TCIA has been working hard with industry experts to educate and explain the laws, bills, and more surrounding COVID-19.

Download the PowerPoint presentations here.

Insurance Relate Topics by Mike Levine

Insurance Related Topics by Rick Weden

Cultivating Resiliency by Amanda Carpenter