Online Testing Center

Step 1. SIGN IN to your TCIA account Click SIGN IN above. You will return to this page. 

  • Step 2. Access your TCIA profile and verify your email (Hover to learn more) 

        1. 1. Access your profile.
        2. 2. Your email should not be shared by anyone else in the company.
        3. 3. If needed, edit, using the pen tool.
  • Step 3. Verify your current employer information (Hover to learn more) 

        1. 1. If your current employer is not listed please contact your company administrator.
        2. Note: It may take up to one full business day to become attached to your company after the request has been submitted. If you do not know who your company admin is, contact TCIA.

Step 4. Enroll Click the applicable enrollment button below.