Public Policy & Advocacy

TCIA's mission as a trade association is to advance tree care businesses. One of the primary ways to protect and advance the industry is by influencing public policy in a direction favorable for our members. We do this with contributions to political campaigns through the Voice for Trees Political Action Committee (VFT-PAC), by weighing in on select legislative/regulatory issues, and by directly involving members in grassroots efforts. Click on a tab below to learn more.

Legislative Conference and Day on the Hill

Making Our Voices Heard

leg day On June 13-14, 2017, TCIA members traveled to Washington, D.C. for TCIA's biennial Legislative Conference and Day on the Hill.

Tree care professionals from all over the country spent an afternoon in briefings preparing for the following day on the Hill.

TCIA members met with a delegation of experienced Washington hands for visits with their representatives to discuss key industry issues. They visited with legislators and their staffers, and the staffers of policy committees and offered their perspective on tree care related issues.

Topics included OSHA, labor policy, immigration issues, regulations, and forestry policy.

Through grassroots efforts in the states and through direct action by TCIA’s lobbyists, staff and members, your industry’s trade association works to promote the interests of commercial and utility arboriculture.

Our lobbying efforts aim to ensure that policymakers understand the complexities involved in running a safe, professional tree care company. Our goal is to limit burdensome laws and regulations while promoting programs that help tree care companies succeed.

Why We Visit Washington

TCIA, through its membership, is organized as a trade association.

What does that mean specifically, and how is TCIA different from other groups in the green industry? A trade association is an organization founded and funded by businesses.

TCIA's mission is to "advance tree care businesses." One of the primary ways to protect and advance the industry is through attempts to influence public policy in a direction favorable to our members.

TCIA does this with contributions to the campaigns of political candidates through the Voice for Trees political action committee, by supporting or opposing particular legislation, and by working to influence the activities of regulatory bodies such as OSHA and EPA.

There are almost 8,000 national trade associations in the United States, but only one represents the interests of the tree care industry.

No one knows tree care better than the people who run businesses every day, and TCIA – through its dedicated members – will continue to educate Washington on the unique issues and challenges the industry faces.

TCIA's next Legislative Conference and Day on the Hill tentatively scheduled to be June 18-20, 2019. More details to follow.

Please contact TCIA President David White at or by calling (603) 314-5380 if you would like learn more about how you can take a more active role in your industry's government relations efforts.