Lawn & Landscape catches up with TCIA president and CEO

TCIA President and CEO with Board of Directors

Pictured above is Dave White (far left) with TCIA’s board of directors (from left to right: Mundy Piper Wilson, Tim Gamma, Tom Prosser, Andy Felix (front), Noel Boyer (rear), Josh Morin, Jason Showers, Alan Jones and David Fleischner) at the Winter Management Conference.

In a recent interview, Lawn & Landscape business magazine checked in with Dave White, TCIA’s president and CEO, regarding his first few months with the organization.

White joined TCIA in March of this year, and is working with the Board of Directors to follow the association’s strategic plan and make workforce development the organization’s top priority.

“I think the most important thing is the ability to develop and implement a strategic plan that focuses on delivering value to our members,” White says. “That requires listening to members, identifying their pain points and determining how best the association can assist its members in overcoming those obstacles.”

More about TCIA’s workforce development initiative

TCIA is busy building a variety of tools member tree-care companies can use to launch successful recruiting and retention initiatives. For questions about TCIA’s workforce development efforts, contact

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