Arbor Care Software to Help You Manage Your Business

Scheduling, Invoicing, Billing and a Lot More

Growing a business and establishing a larger customer base is what every company owner aspires to. The paperwork of it all can become overwhelming with time, and it can get more difficult to manage your day-to-day activities.

This is why, after reaching to a certain number for your client base it might be worth looking into using an arbor care software solution. In this post, we will look into functionalities that arbor care company management solutions might offer.

Invoicing and billing would be a must. Preferably, this would help you set up customer accounts that hold all relevant customer data. With software, you should be able to set recurring monthly payments, even allow them to prepay for your service for special promotions and such. Being able to take credit card payments would be a good feature to look for in this department, since this will improve cash flow. 

A scheduling and routing solution could help you save time and money. If your arbor care management software could do scheduling and routing, you would be able to keep all of your crews servicing the same areas on the same day. You could optimize the routes your crews take daily, by factoring in the neighborhood being serviced, days off, holidays, lunch breaks, etc.

Now, moving beyond that basic functionality would mean using a CRM solution to increase your sales and profits. This would mean that the software you choose would have integrated maps and could help you offer your services to neighboring houses in areas you are already servicing. It would also mean you would have their info ready when you want to type up a proposal, even be able to take a digital signature on your tablet. You could automate marketing opportunities to your customers, and give them an estimate of job costing. Of course, this would mean that your company has gone mobile and uses tablets to handle paperwork out in the field. The benefits of using a mobile app for your arbor care business are something we discussed in one of our previous blog posts. It is worth mentioning that going mobile with your business would have the advantage of taking you to a paperless environment, and offer online storage of documents. This would make your accounts easy to search through and you would easily have all account information at hand.

Being able to create robust and professional proposals and invoices could be useful to have since arbor care jobs often require more itemized and detailed documents. With the right solution, you could get these digitally signed and stored.

Other tree care specific functionalities would include being able to create a tree inventory, and other notes to inspected properties. QB Integration would be something to look for, as well as the ability to track chemical usage for PHC services.

There are all-in-one arbor care business management software solutions that could probably help you with all of the tasks we mentioned above. Don’t be afraid to explore new technologies and step into the future.

This article was submitted by ServicePro. Based in Columbus, Ohio, ServicePro was founded 20 years ago and has since become the leader in field service management software, with their pest control, lawn care and arbor care software being used by over 2,000 companies around the world.

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