Why Use Arbor Care Software to Manage Your Business

Being a leader in the arbor care industry and doing the best you can for your business involves a great deal of effort on various fronts. It involves you building a trustworthy brand, knowing the industry, having a highly skilled team, having excellent customer service, and many other small things that make your customers see you are willing to walk the extra mile.

One of the ways to help you better manage your tree care business, and take care of all its aspects from one place is using an arbor care management software. The right type of software would be equipped with tools that can save a tree care business time and money - just by proper management of your day to day tasks.

An arbor care software solution, accompanied by a mobile application would definitely be able to increase your out-of-office efficiency. It would make it possible for you to complete work orders, proposals, and even invoices when you are out performing your services, or even take digital signatures on the spot. Creating this sort of a synchronized environment between the office and what is going on in the field would create a paperless environment for your business and would make storing and going through documents a lot easier. You could, for example, reschedule a service while you are out of the office, or even add other unscheduled stops that have occurred while you were out - but are in the area you were already servicing.

A good solution that is specifically designed to serve the arbor industry would be considerate of the numerous factors that might influence the price of completing a tree job so it would give you the option to enter multiple variables in your proposals and invoices. It should be able to provide you with a job costing tool, and allow for custom designed proposals. This would mean that the software would need to allow for line item proposals. A highly efficient software solution could also have the capability of easily transforming a proposal into a work order. This would make it pretty easy to complete multiple work orders a day. It would be capable of doing tree inventory (see image), and make logging and property assessment that much easier.

With the right software solution you could easily do recommended services to a customer property. This would mean creating a proposal and recommending what might need to be done by using a map feature and an aerial view of trees that are labeled. You could also use your mobile software for chemical tracking with plant health care, which would mean having a detailed preview of all chemicals that have been used to treat plants on a certain property.

In summary, using a software to manage your arbor care business could save you a lot of time, resources and money. It could give your company an easy-to-work-with image, and help bring your company to the future. It could help you take that extra step towards building better customer relationships, and make you an industry leader.

This article was submitted by ServicePro. Based in Columbus, Ohio, ServicePro was founded 20 years ago and has since become the leader in field service management software, with their pest control, lawn care and arbor care software being used by over 2,000 companies around the world. Want to learn more? Visit ServicePro at booth 548 at TCI EXPO, November 2-4, 2017!

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