TCIA welcomes a new affinity partner in 2018

The benefits of TCIA membership are numerous, and one such way to increase the value of your membership is by purchasing through our Affinity Partner program, bringing you cost savings and special services on many important, everyday needs.

Joining TCIA as an Affinity Partner in 2018 is Forestry Suppliers, Inc., a direct-mail supplier offering over 13,000 products, many of which cater to the tree care industry including spray equipment, fertilizers/herbicides, climbing gear, tree pruning tools, tree protection products, tree and ground marking equipment, personal protection and safety products, insect relief, vehicle accessories and plenty more.

Member Benefits: TCIA customers using the promo code: “TRE” will receive a 10% discount on their online order or over the phone with customer service staff. Forestry Suppliers, Inc. will return to TCIA 5% of the total amount of each member purchase. 2.5% of this amount will be applied as a credit toward the member’s next TCIA renewal dues total, and 2.5 % will be applied toward development of safety and educational products and programs for the tree care industry.

Example: If your company purchases $2,000 in products, Forestry Suppliers, Inc. will send TCIA a credit of $50 to be deposited into your membership account. Credits will accumulate each time you make a purchase throughout the 12 months of membership, and when you receive your annual renewal invoice, the total credits will be subtracted from your membership dues.

Requirements: In order to receive the 10% discount and dues credit, you must use the promo code “TRE” when placing your order online or with customer service.

For more information, contact Forestry Suppliers, Inc. at, 1-800-647-5368, or start stocking up on tree care products at

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