Example Articles from the October TCI Magazine


Proper Selection and Use of Outrigger Pads for Crane Work

We’ve all heard the motto “don’t sweat the small stuff,” and for many it provides a great way to navigate angst-ridden situations. Such ad-vice is also handy for office settings, where workplace hazards are often minimal or can be easily mitigated. 

Women Climb into Varied Careers in Tree Care

REI Co-op this year commissioned a 2017 National Study on Women and the Outdoors, and the results show that more than 85 percent of women surveyed believe the outdoors positively affects mental health, physical health, happiness and overall well-being. 


Root Rot, Part 6: Armillaria tabescens – Mushroom Root Rot Caused by the Ringless Armillaria

Most arborists have heard of Armillaria root rot (caused by Armillaria mellea) and other closely related species) or know its other common names, such as shoestring root rot or oak root rot. 

Attachments and Specialty Tools for Right-of-Way Work

Not all right-of-way work is straightforward. There are times when basic attachments are the norm. Other times, it may take a specialty tool.


The Gypsy and Me: A Tragic Affair

The heat shimmers off the pavement. My favorite biking road, deprived of shade, is now a path through Dante’s inferno. Defrocked of their foliage, the swamp white oak trees expose themselves to the blazing summer sun. 

What Is Wrong With This Tree

Diagnosing plant problems can be a very broad topic, but for the sake of this article, we will outline the process in five basic, general areas that a practicing arborist may find helpful.