Example Articles from the November TCI Magazine


All Aerial Lifts Have at Least One Requirement in Common – Maintenance

Users and manufacturers of aerial lifts will say there are three rules to a safe, long life for aerial lifts of all kinds. Maintenance. Maintenance. Maintenance.

You Can Take the Tree Out of the Forest, but Not the Forest Out of the Tree

For those who had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Alex Shi-go in a small group at his place, you might remember his walks in the woods. 

Weaver Leather: A Legacy of Improving Tree Care Products and Safety – in Ohio and Beyond

Business textbooks like using the word “strategy,” but as many a business owner might tell you, many thriving companies don’t go by the book. 

Women in Tree Care Work in the Trees and in the Office

Melissa LeVangie is a physical and intellectual force in the world of professional arboriculture and several related fi elds, but it’s tough to draw her in a thumbnail sketch.

The Gypsy and Me: A Tragic Affair Part II – The Locals Fight Back 

Part 1 of “The Gypsy and Me: A Tragic Affair” appeared in the October 2017 is-sue of TCI. Here is a brief recap... 

Root Rot, Part 6: Grifola (Polyporus) frondosa – Should I Worry About the “Hen of the Woods”?

Arborists with a mycological bent often know Grifola fron-dosa because it is common around oaks in the late summer and fall.

Tree-Supported Structures & Tree Biomechanics

A while back, I was up in British Columbia helping a friend of mine, Paul Stamets, a well-known mycologist, take a tissue sample from a mushroom in an old-growth Douglas fir.