Be on the Cover of TCI Magazine!

Are you going to TCI EXPO 2017, November 2-4, in Columbus, Ohio? Be sure to visit the TCI Magazine booth, and get your picture on the cover of TCI Magazine!
Visit the TCI Magazine booth #1105, located near the trade show floor entrance, to have your photo taken! Return later for a free printout and a unique TCI EXPO souvenir.

Publications Booth Hours:

  • Thursday (Noon – 4 PM)
  • Friday (Noon – 4 PM)

But wait…I want to REALLY be on the cover!

Well, with the right photo skills, you can.
As the most widely-read periodical in the tree care industry, TCI Magazine is always looking for high-quality, engaging cover photos that appeal to our readership. If your photo fits the bill, we may use it in the next issue!

TCI Magazine Cover Photo Submission Guidelines

What we’re looking for:

  1. We LOVE people (tree care workers) in our photos. Especially if they’re doing something interesting (action shots!)
  2. We also like photos of tree care equipment, especially if they belong to a TCIA PACT Partner. They support our industry and association, so we like to support them in turn. Learn more about our PACT Partner program.
  3. Photos of TCIA member companies get first priority. Not a member? Learn more about our association, and join online.
  4. No blatant promotions, please. The members, equipment and the tree or tree work are more important than the logo on the member’s truck or manufacturer’s equipment. If you can see a logo or ID the equipment, that's fine, but the logo should not be the focus of the picture. Don't worry - you'll still get credit in the caption!

The technical stuff:

  1. Composition: Both vertical and horizontal versions of the scene/shot are best. If you really want that TCI Magazine cover shot – vertical is the best version, and leave some extra background for us, so we can crop or fit type over the image if we need too.
  2. Interesting angles: Everybody sees a tree from the street. Tree workers see trees from under the canopy, in the canopy and, most of all, above the canopy. An interesting angle makes for an interesting shot.
  3. Is your photo in focus? We cannot make blurry pictures look any better.
  4. Is the lighting good? Photoshop can only lighten so much; if it’s too dark then a lot of details will be lost.
  5. Is the resolution high enough? We prefer 300 dpi photos, from 5 to 10 inches wide. A file size a 1 MB is adequate, though we like 2MB or 3MB for cover shots and 1MB for anything inside the magazine.
  6. We prefer original untouched or unfiltered photos – TCIA will modify/edit images if necessary.

Ready to Submit?

We’re excited to see what you come up with! Send you photo submissions to, and if you make the cut, we’ll run your photo. Good luck!