Why I Work Safe Today

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series dedicated to promoting workplace safety, as part of National Safety Month. To learn more about TCIA’s safety initiatives, click here .

safeWhy do you work safe?

For many professional arborists, the answer will be: “To see my friends and family again.”

This rings true for TCIA member Asplundh, who recently launched their new “Why I Work Safe Today” campaign. This campaign is designed to remind their employees why they should work safe, and why they should remember proper policies and procedures every time they put on their helmets.

“We wanted to make safety personal, make it real for each employee,” said Tim Walsh, Director of Safety Operations at Asplundh. Walsh says that though Asplundh already focuses heavily on Human Performance (HP) and safety training, the company wanted to do more.

“We thought that the real reason people want to be safe, to make good decisions – [that reason] is waiting for them at home,” Walsh explained. “The picture frame in the helmet gives them many chances during the day to be visually reminded of why they want to go home.”

These small, flexible picture frames can be placed inside a helmet or hard hat. Walsh has one of his own.

“I have pictures of my nieces and nephews, as a reminder that I want to see them all grow up,” Walsh said.

The “Why I Work Safe Today” initative complements Asplundh's previous campaigns: a refrigerator magnet frame that says, “My Reason for Working Safely,” and the truck visor frame which says, “Get Home Safe Tonight.”

Tree care professionals: Why do YOU work safe today? Let us know in the comments!

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TimThe content for this post was provided by Tim Walsh, Director of Safety Operation at Asplundh. Visit Asplundh's website here.