TCIA Safety Award

The TCIA Safety Awards recognize your commitment to safety.

Did one of your employee’s safety precautions prevent a serious accident? Did he or she teach a fellow crew member how to do something in a safer way?

Bring prestige to your company name and your employees’ careers by nominating them for a TCIA Safety Award. They deserve recognition, and so do you!

The TCIA Safety Awards recognize exemplary action in two areas:

  • The Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance award recognizes an individual's or crew's heroic reaction to an emergency situation.
  • The Outstanding Company Contribution award recognizes a TCIA member's proactive program to address safety issues.

Our judges will also consider “Safety Standouts” – employees who have performed their jobs exceptionally well and at their discretion, recognize the individual/crew with a certificate.

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November 1, 2017

Winners are announced at TCIA’s annual Winter Management Conference.

Current winners - 2016 Company Awards

Current winners - 2016 Individual and Crew Awards

TCIA recognizes individuals or crews within its member companies for exemplary performance in the area of accident prevention or acts of heroism.

  • Paul Sisk & Andrew Steed – Bartlett Tree Experts
    Came to the aid of a victim having a seizure.
  • Seth Carter, Paul Hahn & Leo Velasco - Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation
    Came to the aid of and performed CPR on a victim on a golf course.
  • Hudson Puente - Bridge Wood Tree Care Services 
    Rescued a drowning victim from a pool and performed CPR.
  • Charles Huggins, Jr., William Huggins & Travis McGirt - Carolina Tree Care
    Came to the aid of a man trapped in a burning house and a woman trying to gain access.
  • Sergio Lopez - Davey Tree
    Rescued someone from a burning building using his bucket truck.
  • Mike Horneber - Davey Tree
    Came to the aid of an elderly couple after they were involved in a car accident.
  • Dan Genness - Lucas Tree Expert Co.
    Warned people away from an energized pole and ground wire.
  • Todd Turner - Lucas Tree Expert Co.
    Came to the aid of an infant suffering heat exhaustion.
  • Brandon Miller & Andrea Johnson - Rainbow Treecare
    Provided care and comfort to an elderly homeowner who had fallen and broken his arm.
  • John Kerst - Wright Tree Service
    Removed a police officer and a homeowner from the danger of an arcing underground transformer.

Safety Standouts in 2016

  • Clark Garreau, Ossian Batchelder – Belknap Landscape
    Individuals do their jobs thoroughly and conscientiously; have received customer testimonials.
  • Jesse Hencz – Family Tree Service
    Individual doing his job exceptionally well.
  • Clark Gareau, CTSP and Ossian Batchelder - Belknap Landscape
    Exemplary performance of their day-to-day safety activities.
  • Lacardo Davis, Ernest Berlin, James Todd, Larry Jackson, Cameron Strickland, Anthony Gainey - Carolina Tree Care
    Exemplary DOT inspection.
  • Leo Roldan – SavATree
    Proactive efforts to improved safety, especially in the Hispanic tree worker community.​​

Past winners


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Quillan Smith and Gerard Smith; Global Environmental Solutions, Inc.
  • Orlando Negron, SavATree
  • Chet Mercer, Bladamir Morales, and Julio Chonoo; Carolina Tree Care
  • Ryan Rodefer, Wachtel Tree Science
  • Eric Davidson, Shawn Jenkins, Taylor Davidson, and Mike Rhodes; Wright Tree Service
  • Bill Ruitta and Tom Loree; Trees, Inc.

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Arborguard Tree Specialists (Atlanta Office)
  • The Lucas Tree Expert Company
  • SavATree
  • Wright Tree Service


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Bennie Wilson, Carolina Tree Care
  • Jess Paulson, Erik Herberg, John Fiek and Adam Lobitz; Wright Tree Service
  • Erik Herberg, Wright Tree Service
  • Andy Burns, Raul Serrano, Preston Scott, Paul Dill; Wright Tree Service
  • Kevin Christenberry, Wright Tree Service
  • Nathan Jones, Wright Tree Service
  • Jesus Ortiz and Juan Gonzalez; Wright Tree Service
  • Elio Mendez and Gonzalo Flores, SavATree
  • Donny Coffey, Bartlett Tree Experts

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Bartlett Tree Experts, Division Three
  • Lucas Tree Experts
  • Brothers Tree Service
  • Davey Tree Expert Company
  • Carolina Tree Care
  • Caldwell Tree Care
  • SavATree
  • Bartlett Tree Experts


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Christopher Towerton, Lewis Tree Service
  • Don Libby, Lucas Tree
  • Six Wright Tree Service crews
  • Two Townsend Tree Service crews
  • Four Nelson Tree Service individuals/crews
  • Jairo Salgado, Arborwell
  • Wachtel Tree Science & Service crew of Ryan Rodefer, Nathan Schuettpelz and Cody Austin

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Vine & Branch
  • Lucas Tree
  • Owen Tree Service
  • Arborwell
  • Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Arboriculture Canada Training & Education, Ltd.


Oustanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Three Wright Tree Service crews
  • Richard Burt, trimmer with Trees, Inc.
  • Townsend crew of Terry Willett, Dan Aston and Corey Cooper
  • Jonathan Hensley, Carolina Tree Care
  • Marc Rayfield and Jaime Tucker, Carolina Tree Care
  • Wayne Harris, Chad Chrisawn and Matt Murphy, Carolina Tree Care
  • Terry Williams, Josh Perry and Ben Perry, Carolina Tree Care
  • Chris Turner and Ricky Ramirez, Carolina Tree Care
  • Wilber Larios, The Bartlett Tree Expert Company
  • Six Asplundh crews, worldwide

Oustanding Company Contribution

  • Vine & Branch Tree Service
  • Trees Inc.
  • S & S Tree and Landscaping Specialists
  • Lucas Tree Experts
  • Davey Tree Expert Company
  • The Bartlett Tree Expert Company
  • Arborwell


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Foreman Dan Williams and his crew, Wright Tree
  • General Foreman Cesar Bustos, Wright Tree
  • Roger Baynum, Townsend Tree Service
  • Gary Shaffer, Lucas Tree
  • Marc Rayfield, Jaime Tucker and Jeffery Richards, Carolina Tree Care
  • Rob Springer, CTSP, The Bartlett Tree Expert Company

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Arborwell
  • Embark Tree & Landscape Services
  • Lucas Tree Experts’
  • Townsend Tree Service
  • Vine & Branch Inc.Lewis Tree Service


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Sean Schanbacher, Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Robert Wells, Townsend Tree Service Co., Inc.

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Lucas Tree Expert Co. Inc.
  • S & S Tree & Horticultural Specialists, Inc.
  • Townsend Tree Service Co., Inc.
  • University of Massachusetts & Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Vine & Branch, Inc.